thesitemapper XML and HTML site map

thesitemapper is a Windows application which crawls defined web sites and automatically builds an HTML and an XML site map.
The XML sitemap is in a standard format which can then be used to inform search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ask, Microsoft etc) of new and changed pages on your web site. The HTML site map is a list of your web pages which may be displayed in many formats and layouts.
Use thesitemapper xml html generator to increase your search engine presence and improve your position in search engines.

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  • simple to configure
  • built in scheduler to enable automatic generation of XML and HTML site maps
  • ftp's the maps to your site after generation
  • use on as many web sites as you like
  • follows the rules defined in your robots.txt file
  • creates both html site maps and xml maps
  • check if you have installed Google Anayltics code onto your pages
thesitemapper is for
  • webmasters who require a tool to generate an HTML / XML site map on a regular basis
  • anyone who needs an automatic method of informing search engines of new and changed pages for their blog, forum or web site
  • site designers who want to submit site information to search engines for their clients
  • anyone who requires building an html map of their web site
  • users who wish to create a Google XML Sitemap or a Yahoo Sitemap
  • users who want to make sure all their web pages have Google Analytic code installed on the site
System requirements
  • Windows 2000 / XP SP2 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET runtime version 2 or above *

* If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP without Service Pack 2 you may need to install the Microsoft .NET Runtime Environment which can be found on the Microsoft site - click here.

NOTE : For Windows 64-bit computers, you have to use Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express for the database because Microsoft Access drivers will not work on 64-bit machines until Office 2010 is released.

Click here to download thesitemapper as a self-extracting file [7 Mbytes]
Click here to download thesitemapper as a zip file [7 Mbytes]
Click here to download pdf documentation pdf file [0.7Mbytes]

Indexing Service
If you have a large web site and would like us to index it for you, then email us at
The cost of providing a site map displayed in your template plus a site map xml file would cost in the order of $40 USD.